The proof is in the pudding... or in this case our wedding video.

My fiancé and I were planning on abandoning the idea of having a videographer. As many of you know weddings can be expensive. However, many friends insisted I’d be disappointed without a wedding video or at least a highlight video.

Trenton and his lovely wife were referred to me by my friends Dina and John. After viewing their highlight video I had to learn more about awesomefutureproductions…. Not only did Trenton work with my budget, but he really took the time to learn our style he was soooooo easy to work with. Trenton was on time, affordable, and attentive to detail. He was even patient when I insisted on a few details that just couldn’t happen due to copyright laws.

I highly recommend Awesome Future Productions. I look forward to watching my video for many years. Thanks again!
— Alex & Sergio
Clearly one of the best videographer/photographers I’ve met for weddings and functions. He is young and innovative with a mom-and-pop old fashioned feel of integrity you can trust. I now use them for all important moments in my life after they did my wedding. I have seen other people’s wedding videos and then walked out giving a lame excuse as into why I couldn’t stay (cause they were boring). They treated me like royalty. When getting married, you need someone who is going to listen to the thoughts and suggestions you have and turn them into something better than you imagined. My wife and I still watch the video more than our pictures. If I had to choose again, I wish I had them do my pictures as well.
— Josh & Amanda
I have been to several weddings this year that all took place before my own and not one wedding had a videographer. I think this was in part due to it being too expensive and they all figured that their photographer could do a well enough job that they didn’t need a video. O-M-G.... after getting our videos back I can now say that hiring Lexoria/Awesome Future Productions was the BEST investment, and one that should not be sacrificed. I knew that I wanted to have a 3-4 minute “trailer” of our wedding. I had seen this done and I thought it was a creative way to view your wedding in a few minutes. Lexoria has TONS of these trailers online and I instantly knew I wanted to hire them after seeing their work. The way Trenton (our videographer) and the editor knew how to assemble each part to show case our day perfectly is truly an art. Now, Trenton is awesome! He was very helpful when we went over the details of our wedding beforehand, was attentive, answered all of our questions, and showed genuine care in making sure everything went as planned. He has a very pleasant personality and I could tell he was working very hard to make sure that he was getting all of the details of our wedding. When we received our videos ( we purchased a trailer and extended video) we were so moved! Trenton was able to capture the most important parts of our day and both videos came out OUTSTANDING. Both videos were so beautiful and it took us right back to our wedding day.
— Gianni & Aaron
“I really cannot say enough good things about Trenton. On the wedding day, I had so many things going on that day it was hard to keep track of everything. When Trenton and Bethany arrived, they just started working! And wow did he do an amazing job. When people ask to see pictures from our wedding, we do not even pull out the photographs, we show them the video recap Trenton put together for us. It brings people to tears! He was very detail oriented and alert, even on our very long wedding day, and gave us a video that will last forever. I could not recommend him highly enough!”
— Raul & Cinthia